The great spirit that established POSTECH

has become the driving force in the heart

of POSTECHIANS who will lead the future!

POSTECH1986 exhibits the history and future of POSTECH. 

It is a center that offers a quick glance into the footsteps the university has taken, 

its growth over the years since its establishment in 1986, and its vision for the future.

Under the exhibition theme of "GREAT SPIRIT, POSTECH VALUE", 

it was established to remember the founding spirit, which aimed to contribute to mankind as required by the age, 

and to witness the brilliant achievements that has led the development of science and technology through continuous innovation and challenges. 

It also aims to share the future of POSTECH as it takes another leap towards another value. 

ZONE 1 Pioneers of POSTECH

The Great Spirit that established

Introducing the spirit of the late founding chairman, Taek-Joon Park, 

and the late first president, Ho-Gil Kim, 

as well as the process of establishing POSTECH.


Talking about the times and what we achieved together

Introducing the development process of POSTECH 

towards becoming a world-class research-centered university, 

and the life of POSTECHIANs who are running towards their dreams. 

4. Journey toward the First and Foremost

5. Taking the Next Step Together

ZONE 3 Performance of POSTECH

Experiencing the Engine of POSTECH

Introducing outstanding education, research, 

and industry-academia cooperation programs, 

as well as research achievements that are changing the lives of humanity.

6. Leaders of Science & Technology

7. Research Archive

ZONE 4 Potential of POSTECH

Opening the future with POSTECH

Introducing the expanding campus infrastructure that transcends time and space, 

and the challenges and achievements of POSTECHIANs, 

as well as the vision for the future of the university.

8. Breaking through Barriers

9. The Bright Future Ahead

10. Wall of Honor


Visitor Information

Opened : 10:00 ~ 17:00

    * No entry from 30 minuites before closing time

Closed : Weekend and National Holidays

Admission Fee : Free

ㅁ  Tour Style : Self-Guided Tour


ㅁ 054-279-1986